The Bowmont Gardens Villa in Singapore chose Geoplast Solutions

Geoplast was chosen for a private residential development in Singapore. Bowmont Gardens Villa is a 3-storeyed modern villa built by SL Global Pty LTD, using Geoplast’s Geopanel, Geosky and Geopanel Star. The architects that designed the house are HYLA Architects, which is an award-winning architectural practice headed and founded by the Architect Han Loke Kwang in Singapore. Their design belief, that can clearly be seen in this private villa, won numerous Awards including the Singapore Institute of Architect’s Design Award and Architectural Heritage Awards by URA.

They have a long experience in the design of high-end landed residential projects. As they say: “every design reflects an architectural honesty that focuses on spatial experience, […] and all things considered we seek to always construct modern and tropical architecture that stands to the test of time“.

Our formwork systems were ideal to obtain the result they wanted and in the end it has been a real high aesthtetic success.

Geopanel, our system for concrete walls was chosen for the stairwells,  Geosky, our reusable formwork in ABS technopolymer for full concrete slabs with advanced dismantling, was used for the slabs, while Geopanel Star was chosen for the pile caps casting and afterward for the columns of each floor.

Geopanel, Geopanel Star and Geosky are light and can be handled quickly on-site, they are fast and easy to assemble and dismantle. They all can be reused for 100 times when properly maintained and cleaned with just a little water. The storage is not a problem too because they can be conveniently stored even in damp locations.