“Le Nuage” by Philippe Starck chose Geoplast Skydome

Geoplast Skydome Le Nuage Montpellier France Philippe Starck

Le Nuage” (meaning “the cloud”) is a fitness and wellness building located in Montpellier, France, which has been mindfully sculpted to resemble its nebulous epithet, embracing a translucent and minimalist architecture.

It is one of the most renowned projects of Philippe Starck. Starck experimented with innovative architectural methods and created an enveloping inflatable membrane in the form of a cloud around the facade, from which the building takes its name. The sense of aerial lightness and transparency for the air-filled bubble were fashioned using ETFE. The transparent walls give a view of the busy life inside.

Known as the first inflatable private building in Europe, “Le Nuage” houses an array of health and fitness facilities, a cafe, pool and children’s area furnished with Starck’s well-known furniture. It stimulates socialization among the masses, integrating their interactive experience with their physical and mental well-being.


Geoplast contributed to this project by providing 4500 m² of Skydome, its reusable waffle slab formwork in ABS technopolymer. Skydome allowed the realization of bi-directional waffle slabs with large spans while reducing the use of concrete and decreasing the self-weight of the structure.

Le Nuage gym sealing made with Skydome.

Skydome reusable elements were employed to form decks on which the concrete was poured. After the concrete curing, the formwork was removed, and the result was a smooth and pleasing ceiling, left exposed by design. The shape of the domes also allowed to reduce sound waves, improving the acoustics of the whole structure.

Skydome perfectly lent to this project, also thanks to its ease of installation, helping create aesthetically enjoyable environments.

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