The best plants for green walls

It is now undisputed that green walls improve air quality and even slash energy costs while being agreeable and having positive benefits to mental health and creativity. But which are the best plants to choose when deciding to realize a green wall?

In general, the most suitable plants for green walls are climbers, which could be evergreen or deciduous. Deciduous climbers are ideal for enjoying the sight of the new leaves in spring and the gradual leaf drop in autumn. If, however, the climber is being used for screening, or to hide an unattractive wall, then evergreens are the answer. With a little thought, it is possible to find evergreens that have colorful foliage. Many of the ivies (hedera) have striking leaves marked with silver, white or gold: Hedera helix ‘Goldheart’, for instance, which has leaves of a particularly attractive vibrant green with golden centers.

The most popular climbers for green walls are:

Clematis, grown for their huge range of flower shapes and colors, and sometimes evergreen foliage. They need a thorough, deep soaking once a week. Some of the spring-flowering clematis such as Clematis Montana tend to be the most vigorous and are ideal for covering large walls.

Passiflora (passion flower), evergreen climber with exotic looking flowers, sometimes followed by brightly colored fruits. It needs to be often watered during the growing season.

Jasmine, a climber with a delicate scent, which requires moisture, a sunny location and protection from cold temperatures. The vining varieties can get 15 feet tall.

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