Modulo obtained the French Certification Avis Technique CSTB n. 3/16-906

Modulo is the lost formwork for technical and sanitary crawl spaces.

The French institute CSTB (Centre scientifique et technique du Bâtiment) has certified our product with the Avis Technique n. 3/16-906, which attests to the quality, good performance, and compliance with product and performance standards.

Here are the main advantages provided by the choice of Modulo.

Vapor intrusion

Modulo provides a highly efficient under-slab void network for a more effective application of SSD, at a lower cost than the traditional system and without any sort of membranes.

Damp and Radon Gas mitigation

The ventilation of the under slab void space with Modulo helps Radon, humidity levels, and temperature ranges control and the growth of mold or mildew is denied, maintaining the concrete dry. This avoids possible damages to the architectural flooring finishes, floor tiles or carpets.

Slab on grade

Replacing the standard fill and gravel helps to reduce also the costs associated with importing, compacting and certifying engineered fill.

Void space 

The under slab space can be also used for the passage of cables, conduits, and pipes, simplifying the post-construction installation.

Low weight

With a void rate of up to 82%, Modulo is a supremely easy lightweight backfill solution. This construction method allows the engineer to calculate with great precision the weight of the concrete backfill structure with great precision, a significant advantage in structural calculations.

High load bearing

A set of concrete posts, arches, and domes creates a high load bearing structure.


The installation time is of up to 100 m²/worker per hour.