Santex’ new Sarego factory uses Geoplast New Elevetor

Geoplast New Elevetor implementation in Santex’ Sarego factory.

Geoplast New Elevetor, permanent crawl space formwork up to 3 m, is ideal for the ventilation of reinforced concrete foundation slabs for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

The product consists of a formwork, PVC pipes and a patented grid that guarantees the pipes perfect stability in order to ensure a great load-bearing capacity. New Elevetor is modular and can be installed on-site in order to build a walkable and self-supporting system which is ready for the concrete pour. When the concrete solidifies, it takes the form of New Elevetor, thus creating a supporting and completely ventilated crawl space.

Installation of New Elevetor for the enlargement of Santex’s manufactory plant in Sarego, Italy.

Recently the Company Santex S.p.A. chose our System for the enlargement of its manufactory plant in Sarego, Italy. Santex has been a benchmark in the sector of incontinence aids for over 50 years now. The registered and administrative office is in Milan, and the two factories are in the province of Vicenza. In Sarego it is produced a complete range of dressings, orthopedic products and disposables for the operating theatre.

Concrete pour, after New Elevetor installation.

Here’s some technical details about the works:

  • The new plant’s total area covered by our solution was of about 1160 m²;
  • Geoplast provided about 3500 pieces of New Elevetor;
  • New Elevetor was used in 3 different heights: 83, 100, 138 cm.

Our product allowed a rapid and efficient intervention, avoiding the filling with inert material and permitting the creation of an appropriate crawl space, useful for the passage of pipes or installations required by the building functions. The reinforced concrete structure realized was solid and durable, not subject to differential settlement. Thanks to the compact packaging, handling and logistics were extremely simple.