Geogravel: Geoplast grid for gravel surfaces

Geogravel, gravel stabilizer grid for driveways and car parks.

The choice of gravel is perfect for building comfortable driveways and green walkways while protecting at the same time the natural drainage.

Geogravel is Geoplast solution to create gravel permeable car parks: it ensures the same performances of an asphalted area and keeps the ground permeability unchanged. The micro-perforated base of Geogravel, allows the natural draining of the water in the soil and gives stability and strength to the surface even when vehicles transit on it. Moreover, it retains the gravel, avoiding the need for regular maintenance interventions.

Geogravel used to create a gravel driveway.

Geogravel offers many advantages:

  • Savings, because it eliminates any type of maintenance and does not require any additional costs;
  • Resistance up to 400 t/m²;
  • Duration against the attack of microorganisms, abrasive products, and UV rays;
  • Safe and comfortable transit of vehicles and people;
  • Easy installation, thanks to its special clip-on connection.

Geogravel is particularly suitable also to create gravel surfaces like yards, footpaths or driveways. The fast drainage of the water in the subsoil avoids the formation of puddles or stagnations.

It is possible to fill the cells with different colors of gravel in order to obtain a high aesthetical result.