Runfloor for the creation of gravel car parks: Grimsby Case Study

Runfloor, the high-strength plastic grass paver for permeable drivable areas, can also be used for the creation of gravel car parks.

Its main advantages are:

  • The resistance to compression: equal to 500 ton / m2;
  • The excellent drainage characteristics, with a pemeability up to 85%;
  • The extremely easy installation, thanks to the bayonet twist lock.

It is ideal for car parks or areas where vehicles transit. In fact, thanks to its reinforced structure, it offers an high resistance to stresses related to the passage of cars or any other mean. The particular geometry of the cells offers indeed a higher load bearing capacity, than other traditional systems. Moreover, the grid is made of Low Density Polyethylene, that usually guarantees higher performances, even with very low temperatures.

Runfloor for the expansion of a car park in an industrial estate, in Grimsby, UK

Recently, our English Distributor Sure Green used Runfloor for the creation of a everyday use car park, in Grimsby, UK.

The car park was created outside Survitec, an expanding company located in a busy industrial estate, where the lack of spaces available has proven to be a significant issue. The company needed a solution that could allow a everyday car park, in all weather conditions, cost effective and draining according to the planning conditions required.

Runfloor was chosen because it could perfectly meet all these requirements. In this case, it was used a mixed size angular limestone gravel both for the bedding and the fill of the grids.

The company has now a car park that can be used throughout the year. It is completely self-draining conforming to the latest Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements (SUDS) and, the overall costs were reduced because of no extra outlays for additional overflow drainage was needed.

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