Rome: new residential building with Geoplast’s New Elevetor system

New Elevetor, the permanent crawl space formwork, up to 3 m was chosen in Rome to restore an agricoltural consortium and turn it to a brand new residential building.

The total area covered by our solution was of 2730 m²: 2300 m² of New Elevetor H85 and 430 m² of New Elevetor H95. Our product is perfect for restorations as it allows a non-invasive intervention.

New Elevetor avoids the filling with inert material and permits the creation of an appropriate crawl space, useful for the passage of pipes or installations required by the building functions.

When the work will be completed, the foundation will function as a protection for the inhabitants health, as it helps the elimination of Radon Gas and rising damp.

In our website there are more technical info about our Systems for Foundations.