Geoplast eco-friendly green solutions

Geoplast Green Solutions are suitable to satisfy a wide range of needs:

  • protect grass;
  • create green or gravel transitable turfs;
  • create roof gardens and vertical gardens.

All our Green Solutions have up to 95% permeability, are durable and guarantee an excellent drainage of rainwater while allowing the vegetation to develop and exert its beneficial effect over time.

The grids are also very resistant to loads. For example, Geogravel, gravel stabilizer grid for driveways and car parks, is stable and resistant up to 400 t/m² and Runfloor, high-strength plastic grass paver for permeable drivable areas, up to 600 t/m².

On the other hand, our Solutions for roof gardens and vertical gardens allow savings and improve the buildings’ efficiency: Drainroof, high-performance green roof drainage board, permits to absorb at least 50% of rainwater, greatly reducing the amount to be disposed of in the urban network. Wall-y, modular element for green walls, contributes to thermal and acoustic insulation, with great benefit to the energy performance of the building.

All Geoplast Green Solutions