Retrofitting existing buildings with green roofs improves their sustainability

Retrofitting existing buildings with green roofs improves their sustainability

Retrofitting is a very common practice that consists in the addition of new technologies to older buildings or systems. A more cost-effective practice in comparison to the construction of new facilities.

As for existing buildings, the aim is the improvement of the energy efficiency, through thermal insulation. In this case, green roofs lend themselves perfectly for this purpose.

Since buildings consume a significant amount of energy, particularly for heating and cooling, and because existing buildings comprise the largest segment of the built environment, it is important to initiate energy conservation retrofits to reduce energy consumption and the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting buildings.

A well-designed green roof is a perfect solution because it includes subsystems that can allow:

  • The control of stormwater runoff due the high drainage capacity of a green roof system;
  • The mitigation of urban heat-island effects;
  • The energy conservation;
  • The reduction of sounds reflection and transmission;
  • The improvement of the aesthetic environment in both work and home settings;
  • Cost benefits.

Geoplast offers a solution that permits the creation of extensive or intensive roof gardens. This is Drainroof the high-performance green roof drainage board that gives the possibility to create a green roof with all the advantages mentioned above.

As the growth of populations in cities is an issue that affects all areas around the world and it is becoming more and more widespread, urban strategies need to evolve and cities need to develop a more sustainable way of building, Geoplast has the solution you are looking for.

Geoplast’s solution for green roofs.