Our top 5 sustainable solutions for shopping centers

Shopping centers are complex architectural projects that require a cost-effective construction process and sustainable solutions for building use. A large frequency of traffic, people, and goods requires high standard energy efficiency, in order to lower maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption. Here are our top 5 solutions to improve sustainable profitability of shopping centers:

Marina Casablanca Center, Casablanca, Morocco

Solutions applied: Green
Our product: Drainroof
The rooftop of Marina Shopping Mall in Casablanca was built as a green roof in order to save energy consumption and lower electricity bills. The Drainroof was designed in order to provide extra insulation on the roof, decreasing the energy required for cooling the building in summer. At the same time, the solution retains the abundant rainwater preventing its run-off during winter months.

MondoJuve Mall, Turin, Italy

MondoJuve Mall

Solutions applied: Water
Our product: New Elevetor Tank
MondoJuve shopping center’s total surface of 82,000 m², allowed construction of an underground water tank for water collection and reuse. It contains 4,000 parking spaces, which were created with New Elevetor Tank, Geoplast’s permanent formwork for in situ cast concrete water storage. This will allow the collection of rainwater and its later use for irrigation and fire systems.

Blue Mall, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Solutions applied: Formwork
Our product: Geotub
Blue Mall in Santo Domingo has a concrete structure with round columns. Our Geotub improved the construction site efficiency, providing the local workforce with lightweight formwork that is easy to install manually. Our Geotub proved to be a cost-effective solution that provided an increase in productivity ensuring a good concrete surface quality. This resulted in a faster construction process and less machinery.

Morocco Mall, Casablanca, Morocco

Solutions applied: Foundations
Our product: Modulo
Morocco Mall in Casablanca is the largest commercial building in North Africa, which required the prevention of moisture and water intrusion from the soil. The cost-effective solution was found in the construction of the raised floor with our Modulo. This way, the lower parking level drainage is resolved by added accumulation space in the foundation slab and water infiltration through the ground.

Coin Fashion Store, Milan, Italy

Solutions applied: Green
Our product: Wall-Y
Coin is an upmarket Italian department store with green indoor walls. Geoplast Wall-Y modular grid for growing vertical gardens was used in order to provide customers with a more natural ambiance and slower pace. Greenery in the interior design of shopping centers serves as a calming element that has a goal to enrich the encapsulated environment and improve the wellbeing of customers and workers.

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