New product launch: Matrix – concrete raised floors with MEP systems

Matrix raised floor business center
Matrix raised floor section view
Matrix raised floor hospital
Matrix raised floor office building
Geoplast matrix product assembly
Geoplast Matrix product render

Today we are launching the Matrix – our new patented product for concrete raised floors with MEP systems. We implemented an innovative design that combines high load-bearing capacity with simple positioning of MEP. This makes Matrix superior to both metal pedestal floors and full concrete slabs, and irreplaceable for large buildings such as airports, hospitals, or shopping centers.

Matrix consists of 2 elements: the base grid and top formwork. The base grid creates a rectangular pattern that allows the technicians to position MEP systems with great precision and flexibility. The top formwork is then placed to create a walkable base for pouring the concrete floor.

Compared to floors with metal pedestals, Matrix forms a stable, monolith base that offers fire resistance, improved acoustics, and allows any type of top-finishing (laminate, marble, wood, etc). Contrary to the full concrete slabs with embedded installations, MEP is easily accessible through inspection shafts placed according to project demands.

Key features

  • Extremely fast setup of 100 m2 per man-hour,
  • Intuitive MEP installation and maintenance,
  • High load-bearing capacity of 15 t/m2,
  • Fire resistance,
  • Improved acoustics,
  • Suitable for any top finishing.

Learn more about Matrix

Matrix product page
Technical data
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