New Nautilus Evo and Multimodulo case study: a new Mountain Shelter near Trento in Fiemme Valley, Italy

Recently, New Nautilus Evo, our permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs, and Multimodulo, our permanent crawl space formwork, multiple version, were chosen in Predazzo, Fiemme Valley in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region. Here, they were used for the construction of the new Bellamonte Mountain Shelter near Bellamonte  – Alpe Lusia Ski Center, a very famous ski area in the Fiemme Valley.

New Nautilus Evo and Multimodulo perfectly lent themselves for this project, that was commissioned by Conci Costruzioni Srl. The shelter will be provided with a bar and a restaurant, opened all year around. Our solutions were an excellent choice because they are ideal for these types of buildings. In particular, 800 sqm of New Nautilus Evo H20 were used for the construction of the first slab and 500 sqm ca of New Nautilus Evo H28 for the second slab. They offered the reduction of the slab’s weight up to the 30%, together with the rigidity of the bi-directional behavior of the slabs, that make easier the operations in any type of worksite.

950 sqm of Multimodulo H30 were then used for the shelter’s foundations. This solution is ideal for the construction of solid foundation slabs, with a high load-bearing capacity both static and dynamic. It creates a light foundation, reducing the concrete consumption and creating a void space for the ventilation and the passage of installations.

Moreover, New Nautilus Evo is recommended to be used in multi-story buildings, in fact in comparison to a full slab solution, it is possible to reduce the concrete consumption and the slab’s weight. This operation can be repeated on all the floors, in order to reduce also the loads on pillars and foundations, cutting down the costs considerably. Multimodulo is also perfect for large buildings, in fact, the need to create a healthier environment is bigger in those buildings used to accommodate a lot of people. Multimodulo permits the creation of a ventilated foundation, in a short period of time, with just one pour and reducing any structural failure of the foundations.

In general, our products offer multiple advantages in the worksite:

New Nautilus Evo

  • Large spans: it is possible to create slabs with spans up to 20 meters, without beams or protruding elements;
  • Lightness: the flat intrados bi-directional configuration, allows the maximum reduction of the slab’s weight, keeping intact the high structural performances;
  • Optimization: the combination of large spans and lightweight slabs, allows the reduction of the load on pillars and foundations in order to optimize the distribution of the pillars in the building.


  • Fast installation: when compared to traditional systems, it guarantees a faster installation up to the 80% (in respect to the use of traditional inert materials);
  • Savings: in comparison to the use of traditional inert materials, it is possible to have savings both in terms of transport and installation;
  • Monolithic: Thanks to Geoblock, that is an adjustable extension provided along with Multimodulo, it is possible to create a monolithic foundation, with an optimal structural behavior.

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