Completa case study: a new extensive green roof in Bologna

Geoplast Completa is the last generation of pre-grown sedum for extensive green roofs, which can be easily installed both on flat or sloping roofs while being extremely light (60 kg/sqm. in conditions of water saturation). The product does not require a particular maintenance and can be easily removed for any roof inspection after the installation.

Thanks to these peculiarities, Completa was recently chosen by a famous supermarket chain to create an extensive green roof in its Bologna store: 11.040 pieces were used in the project, covering a total surface area of about 3,200 sqm.

The extensive green roof realized with our tray for pre-grown green roof modules allows savings in terms of costs and maintenance. The system does not require grass mowing or pesticides treatments. Besides a 6-monthly/annual fertilization, no other intervention is needed. In case of long periods of drought during summer, emergency irrigations are recommended, in order to keep a flourishing appearance to the roof.

Completa is also very simple to install: the modules are laid and connected to each other through the double overlapping coupling system. Once the installation on–site is completed, it is necessary to water abundantly all the surface until the soil saturation is reached.

The benefits guaranteed by an extensive green roof are several: it absorbs most of the rainfalls, protects the coverage and isolates the building thermally. Keeping a stable temperature, it can also improve the yield of the photovoltaic panels.

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