New Elevetor Tank manages stormwater in Craig House, Edinburgh

Craig House, Edinburgh stormwater tanks

New Elevetor Tank , the permanent formwork for in-situ concrete tanks, was recently used at Craig House, a well-known historical site in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Craighouse Housing Development, Morningside, required the construction of a concrete stormwater attenuation tank.

New Elevetor Flood tank at Craig House, Edinburgh

The innovative New Elevetor Tank was the perfect solution for the job:

  • A concrete tank has a 50-year lifetime;
  • It is inspectable and visitable;
  • The permanent formwork was installed by hand without using heavy-lifting equipment;
  • No columns and beams were necessary thus avoiding relatively complex formwork construction and dismantling;
  • The overall amount of concrete and steel was reduced compared to a traditional concrete structure.

The project was carried out by our English distributor Stormawater Management Limited, that is specialised in the design, supply and installation of surface water management & sustainable drainage systems since 2005.

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