Geoplast new project at Embakasi in Kenya

Geopanel, Geopanel Star and Geosky, the reusable formworks in ABS technopolimer of Geoplast were used for the construction of a new important two-storey bulding in Embakasi, Kenya.

The construction, awarded to Shanga Engineering Ltd, covers an area of 2,000 sqm. and it has been designed to host the headquarter of a global international brand in the food and beverage industry.

Thanks to the combination of Geopanel & Geopanel Star formwork systems the contractor was able to overcame the main challenge of the project, namely the execution in situ of large drop beams and columns.

Moreover, the easy and modular combination of Geoplast formworks Geosky represented the “natural” solution for the slab’s pouring, allowing the avoidance of wood compensations. Once more, the lightness and the intuitiveness of Geoplast formwork systems demonstrated its advantages bringing a sensitive saving in term of costs and times of labor.

Thanks to Geopanel Star it was then possible to create 7 mt. high columns, without any particular difficulty and in complete safety for the workers. The elements used to build the columns, were the same used to build the slabs. An important advantage that permitted the reduction of the formwork investments.

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