New Elevetor for interventions on pools’ floors: Dubai case study

New Elevetor, permanent crawl space formwork up to 3 m, can be used also for interventions on pools’ floors, as renovations, floors raise or repair of damaged floors.

The product consists of a formwork, PVC pipes and a patented grid. It can be installed on-site in order to build a walkable and self supporting system which is ready for the concrete pour.

New Elevetor offers several benefits:

    • Reduced space for the storage of materials;
    • Little effort in material shifting;
    • Intuitive and fast installation;
    • Stability during concreting.


New Elevetor for the repair of a residential pool in Dubai

Recently New Elevetor was chosen for the repair of a residential pool’s raised floor in Dubai, where the existing composite wooden raised pavement, sustained by a reticular steel structure, resulted in collapse, due to several rusted and corroded damages related to the exposure of saline water coming from the pool. Thanks to the installation of our product, the pavement was raised up to 85,5 cm. It was the first project in the United Arabs Emirates with Geoplast New Elevetor.

New Elevetor allowed an easy fitting around the existing swimming pool pump pipes, MEP connections, steel columns and sloped bottom. Moreover, the system behaved perfectly under high temperatures during the casting and curing phases.

Site environment (fully inhabitant residential building) added complexity to operations because of the impossibility to use ready mix concrete with pump and reduce the working time from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM. Within these conditions, works were carried out in August 2017 and completed in 3 days by 6 labors under the supervision of CME DMCC, official partner of Geoplast S.p.A. in UAE.