New Elevetor chosen to raise the floor of the municipal swimming pool of Bazas, France

The municipal swimming pool of Bazas, France, after the renovations.

The public swimming pool of Bazas in the South-West of France dates back to the early seventies. Back then it was current to build deep pools for trampoline plunging, in fact the pool in Bazas is up to 4.5 meters deep.

Over the years a different approach to building leisure pools has evolved: today’s swimming pools are shallower to be family friendly as well as less expensive to run. The Bazas pool originally contained 1200 m3 of water which had to be treated as well as heated. It was therefore decided to proceed with the renovation of the municipal pool, which was started in early December 2016. The demolitions are now complete and reconstruction work has begun.

Geoplast’s New Elevetor installation.

Geoplast’s New Elevetor was used to raise the pool’s floor in order to reduce power consumption for the water heating and treating. The floor of the renovated pool will not be deeper than 2.2 m, the total volume of the pool being just 600 m3 i.e. half of the original pool.

Geoplast’s New Elevetor used to raise the floor of the renovated Bazas pool.

The New Elevetor permanent formwork was the ideal solution for the job:

  • It is very fast to install: it required just one week to prepare the whole pool surface for the pour of the new floor;
  • The compact packaging allowed for easy handling and logistics;
  • It created a solid and durable reinforced concrete structure, not subject to differential settlement;
  • The crawl space automatically created under the pool floor is perfect to lodge tubes, drains, filters and so on, and will be accessible for inspection for the future lifetime of the pool;
  • The formwork is made of 100% recycled material.

Arici, the construction company in charge of the job, was pleased with New Elevetor and with Geoplast’s engineering and on-site technical assistance.