Geoplast’s Solutions for rainwater management

Geoplast’s New Elevetor Tank, permanent formwork for in situ cast concrete water storage systems.

Geoplast developed a wide range of Solutions for the sustainable management of rainwater, allowing one hand the proper drainage in the presence of the most intense storms, preventing flooding of buildings and infrastructure, on the other, the maintenance of the natural water cycle.

Drening, tunnel-shaped element in HD-PE (high-density polyethylene), designed to realize draining basins little depths and wide in surface (diffuse drainage). The material and its shape give the product a high mechanical strength which allows installation even in areas of heavy traffic.

Drainpanel, modular solution in PP (polypropylene) that allows realizing basins and draining trenches developed on more overlapped levels and, therefore, mostly deep. The panel is easily stackable for the optimization of the transport (around 1/6 of the encumbrance volume of the installed product); the installation is done by overlapping of the elements, rotated 90° with respect to one another.

New Elevetor Tank, lost formwork system of variable height (from 70 to 300 cm) for the construction of lamination and accumulation tanks in lightened reinforced concrete and cast in situ. The system is resistant to even the heaviest loads, thanks to its structure that optimally distributes the applied loads, with the lower slab thickness compared to traditional slabs.

Geocell, modular panel to realize diffused and little depths drainage below paved surfaces or sport fields. It allows creating cavities of 3 cm in thickness at the bottom of each type of surface to collect rainwater and favor the natural infiltration into the soil. The conformation of the panel enables a bi-directional drainage, as it combines the vertical infiltration component with the possibility of water flow in the transverse direction, essential for an effective drainage of the areas with a certain slope or for situations in which the subsoil presents a reduced permeability. Thanks to the high vacuum index (about 91%), Geocell can replace the gravel layer of 10-15 cm in thickness traditionally provided below pavings or sport fields for rainwater drainage.

Geoplast’s innovative products meet numerous needs:

  • Rainwater drainage, helping to not overload the existing drainage facilities;
  • Wastewater disposal;
  • Rainwater accumulation and reuse systems.

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