Gripper project: new courts in Dakar, Senegal

Gripper Outdoor is Geoplast surface to create multi-sport courts. Here we are in Dakar, Senegal, and the company Alima Sarl chose our modular tiles to create 5 new sport fields in the Centre aéré de la BCEAO.

Gripper perfectly lent itself for the installation of 2 tennis courts with a size of 700 sqm each and 2 connected basketball courts, with a total surface of 2100 sqm that can also be used to play handball. In fact, the courts were provided with the lines for both sports.

Our surface proved to be versastile and modular. It is designed for multidisciplinarity and to guarantee fun and safety in every sport.  Moreover, the installation is very easy thanks to the Snap-fit locking system and can also be realized by unskilled personell.

In this case, it was perfect for Basketball, Tennis and Handball. Basketball and Handball both require an excellent grip for the direction changes and the ball rebound, and Gripper‘s structure is ideal, because it allows the shocks absorption, thus improving the performance. On the other hand, Tennis requires a dynamic surface with the right balance bewteen the adherence of shoes to the ground, safety and control of the ball dribble, and Gripper was also perfect to fulfill these purposes.

Our solution is ideal for all the sports that are going to be played on these courts and guarantees a non-slippery surface, even in case of rainfalls.

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