Geopanel Project: a new residential complex in Bucharest, Romania

Geopanel the reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for walls, was recently used in Bucharest, Romania.

This is a new residential complex that will be provided with 10 identical buildings, with 1 basement for technical use, 6 ground floors and 7 flats each. The size of each floor will be of about 560 square meters.

In particular, the versatility of Geopanel was ideal for the construction of the walls, which are 243 cm high. Moreover, it was also possible to significantly speed-up the works: in 1.5 work days, 10 carpenters could pour 5 pillars, 5 L shear walls and 2 T shear walls. Ivonco Residential, the construction company that chose our formwork system, was very satisfied by the quick result.

Geopanel proved to be modular and very versatile on-site, the standard handles offered and excellent locking of the panels, which are also very resistant and can be reused for more than 100 times. Moreover, the panels weighs only 11 kg and can be easily handled in the worksite, without using cranes or mechanical lifting means. In this way, the installation can be carried out my just one operator and subsequently the formworks can be removed and stacked, even in damped places.

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