Geotub for the building of the underground car park in the new Kalasatama district in Finland

Kalasatama is a new residential and business district going up on waterfront sites adjacent to the Helsinki inner city, in Finland. Construction has already commenced and it is one of the biggest development projects in Helsinki. The completion of construction is estimated to occur in the 2030s. A total of 1,000,000 m² new housing premises will be built, along with 390,000 m² of office premises.

The old fishing port will be re-converted in a commercial and residential area and Geotub will serve for the construction of an underground car park, carved into the rock. It will be situated at a depth of 30 meters respect to the road surface and will be integrated to Kalasatama subway station line.

The parking lot will rise under a commercial area called Kalasatama Towers. A complex of business and shopping centers, distributed all over the multi-storey towers, where the highest one will soar to 132 meters and will become the tallest building of Finland.

Geotub was a suitable solution for this underground car park, as it is very easy to move and to install and can be transported to work sites situated in hardly accessible areas. Geotub was used to pour the concrete columns of the parking, ensuring a great strength and load bearing capability to the entire structure.