Geoplast Drening chosen for the new parking lot at Milan Linate Airport

Drening, Geoplast’s plastic tunnel for rainwater infiltration and attenuation, was chosen to build a new parking lot at the service of Linate Airport in Milan, Italy.

This is the first of the three rainwater basins that will be installed under the car park.

The completed worksite will use a total amount of 2.250 pcs. of Drening.

The pics refer to one of the smaller basins. The installation required only half a day. The company which commissioned the works: Impresa Milesi was very impressed by the fast result, which is superior in comparison to other methods that use concrete elements.

The works will continue in January, until the full completion of the car park.

Drening structure allows minimal invasive interventions and in this case, will be very useful to manage rainwater and prevent floodings.