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Geoplast wins against Peri in Italy! The production and marketing of Peri Duo formwork is prohibited

Geoplast won against Peri in Italy!

The Court of Venice (ord. 07/02/2022; R.G. 7493/2021) prohibited the production and marketing of Peri Duo in Italy after assessing the validity of Geoplast’s Italian patent

Following the precautionary measure of the Court of Venice Business Department, from 7 February 2022, the German multinational company Peri will no longer be allowed to produce the Peri Duo formwork in Italy and will have to withdraw all the products by that name from the market.


2005 – The launching of Geopanel – the first successful plastic formwork.

2016 – Peri launched Peri Duo and we immediately began a long legal action to defend our invention.

2019 – The European Patent Office (EPO) concludes that Geopanel, designed by Mirco Pegoraro, is an invention patent.

7 February 2022 – The Court of Venice finds that Peri Duo violates the Geopanel patent, and rules that Peri must stop the production and promotion of Peri Duo in Italy.

Next steps

We will be publishing more detailed statements about our victory soon.

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