Geoplast recycled plastic formwork basics

Geoplast recycled plastic formwork basics
For decades now we have produced a range of recycled plastic formwork products for more sustainable and more profitable construction. Each recycled plastic formwork we have made has revolutionized construction projects through manual installation, reusability over 100 times, improved safety and transport, and easy dismantling.
1 Geotub
Launched 2003
ø 25 – 100 cm x 60 cm
Maximum 11 kg

Geotub with its two half-cylinder modules, forms round and oval columns up to 6 m in height. Its ease of setup, light weight, and weather resistance make it essential for reconstructions, congested sites, bridge repairs, and challenging environments, including water.

2 Geopanel
Launched 2005
20-120 cm x 60 cm
Maximum 11 kg

Geopanel is our flat formwork, with a 60 cm width and various heights. Its small panels allow for manual setup and can form structural elements of any shape and size, including walls, foundations, slabs, large columns, and hard-to-access structures like beams, stairwells, and shafts.

3 Geotub Panel
Geotub Panel
Launched 2005
20-60 cm x 75 cm
Maximum 7 kg

Geotub Panel offers 55 combinations for square and rectangular columns up to 60 cm wide and 3 m high. Its lightweight, modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it ideal for building columns anywhere, including inside existing structures or in remote and inaccessible locations.

4 Geopanel Star
Geopanel Star
Launched 2010
68-108 cm x 60 cm
Maximum 11 kg

Geopanel Star is equipped with vertical ridges, allowing each panel to enable size adjustments in 10 cm increments. This feature allows for the construction of columns and plinths ranging from 12 to 100 cm using the same panels, making it ideal for highly customized projects.

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