Geoplast products are better than EPS

Geoplast products are better than EPS

A sustainably profitable approach aims to reduce the use of materials, machinery, and time, making construction projects both cost-effective and sustainable. EPS is one of the least desirable materials when sustainable profitability is concerned, yet it is widely used in many segments of construction: from lightweight fills to lightened slabs and insulation.

Let’s review the most important reasons why EPS is bad and how Geoplast recycled plastic products can do a better job.




Produced in bulky pieces that cannot be compacted.

New Elevetor is stackable to save transportation and storage space.


Can be broken by hand.

Elevetor Max withstands up to 5.000 kg / m2 loads.


Frail, easily scattered, and difficult to gather for recycling.

Minimodulo is made of recycled plastic that leaves zero worksite waste.


Made of compacted granules that leave no possibility of inspection.

Modulo is made of 100 % inspectable elements that provide easy maintenance.


Produced in boards, blocks, or balls that are less easy to adapt to complex project requirements.

Skynet has an easily adjustable height for the purpose of forming precise flat or sloped structures.


Can only be used to replace fills or concrete.

Geoplast foundations and slabs can also create MEP spaces, lightened slabs, raised floors, and acoustic or thermal insulation.

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