Geoplast Geopanel: a good friend of hard workers and foremen on job site

Geoplast Geopanel

In Geoplast we like to deal with Clients from all over the world: our international approach is always pushing us to learn more about new countries, new cultures, different languages and upmost new building techniques.

We like to enjoy the same business policy in the development of new products and in the applications of our existing range of solutions. In this global scenario we are often requested to understand the difference between theory and practice by providing the most complete solutions but at the same time remain real and competitive at job site.

Have you ever tried to ask the same technical question to a designer and his fellow site manager working on the same project? This is for us daily business! While being as sharp as possible during the design phase we are often requested to be extremely flexible on site.

Geopanel, our reusable formwork system for walls in ABS techno-polymer, is the perfect solution to meet all site requirements. It is a very flexible and easy to use tool, as it weighs only 15 kg/m2 (the heavier element weighs only 11 kg), thus being today the lightest hand-portable formwork solution on the market.

Geopanel can be:

  • Quickly assembled;
  • Practically moved on-site;
  • Reused more than 100 times.

Geopanel also stands out on its capacity to be “pure” or to join with a massive use of wooden items and wooden compensations. Site people like Geopanel, and we like site people because of their creativity, which represents an added value and leads to quick problem solving and time savings.

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