Geoplast for urban recreational areas

Geoplast for urban recreational areas
Urban recreational areas play a significant role in improving city life and enhancing the well-being of residents. Geoplast offers a diverse range of products for constructing sustainable urban leisure areas, including city parks, community gardens, and outdoor plazas and squares. Below is a list of readily available products for your next project.
1 Lightweight fills for landscaped areas copy
Lightweight fills for landscaped surfaces
Products: Modulo, Multimodulo, New Elevetor
Project: Symbiosis Business District, Milan, Italy

Geoplast foundation products, such as Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevator, are designed to create stepped, sloped, or flat pedestrian areas up to 3 m in height. Simultaneously, they form void spaces that can be utilized for MEP systems, such as fountains, irrigation, or restroom facilities.

2 Temporary paving surfaces
Temporary paving surfaces
Products: Geoflor
Project: Parco Giardino Sigurta, Verona, Italy

Geoplast Geoflor is a temporary paving product designed to quickly transform grass fields into walkable paths, car parks, or entrance driveways. The grid is placed directly on the turf, instantly protecting the grass and ensuring its uninterrupted growth.

3 Rainwater management in public parks
Rainwater management of public parks
Products: Drening
Project: Settembre Square, Rovigo, Italy

Geoplast Drening can hold water equivalent to that of 36 PVC pipes, allowing for rainwater storage in a more condensed space. This feature makes it ideal for rainwater drainage, storage, or harvesting for irrigation purposes.

4 Green roof gardens
Green roof gardens
Products: Completa
Project: Bermondsey Works, London, UK

Completa is our modular recycled plastic tray for creating extensive roof gardens over any type of waterproofing layer. Pre-vegetated with sedum and ready for installation on slopes of up to 30%, it requires minimal maintenance and does not require an irrigation system.