Geoplast for sustainable urban water management

Geoplast for sustainable urban water management
Urban water demand is projected to increase by 50–80% over the next three decades, making sustainable water management crucial for long-term city resilience. Geoplast has developed a range of recycled plastic water products specifically tailored for water drainage, collection, and reuse in dense urban areas. Here are their main features and best uses for your next project.
1 Aquabox

Aquabox is our cube-shaped module for fast and easy setup of basins of any size. With a 96% water retention capacity and installation depths of up to 6.3 meters, it is essential for large-scale applications such as public parking, industrial, and commercial areas.

2 Drainpanel

Drainpanel is a panel-shaped module for creating lamination basins of variable heights. With only 23 cm in height, it easily adapts to shallow depths, making it ideal for roadworks and urban areas with limited excavation requirements.

3 Drening

Drening is our tunnel-shaped module that can accumulate water equivalent to that of 36 PVC pipes. It is perfect for space-constrained projects, such as road infrastructures, car parks, rooftops, or outlets of existing sewer systems.

4 Drening Reflue
Drening Reflue

Drening Reflue is our tunnel module specifically designed for domestic wastewater infiltration. It directs water into the ecosystem after the purification treatment, aiding in the restoration of its natural microbiological environment.

5 New Elevetor Tank
New Elevetor Tank

New Elevetor Tank is our permanent formwork for constructing concrete rainwater tanks cast on site. Its high load capacity makes it indispensable for water management and reuse under residential or commercial buildings, as well as areas subjected to heavy traffic.

6 Geocell

Geocell, our surface panel of only 3 cm in height, offers both horizontal and vertical water flow, distinguishing it from alternatives like gravel. This makes it the preferred solution for fast and efficient drainage of paved surfaces, sports courts, and urban green areas.

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