Elevetor Max – the largest addition to the Elevetor family

Elevetor Max - the largest addition to the Elevetor family

We are presenting Elevetor Max – our newest foundation product and the largest addition to the Elevetor family.

Designed with the same basic elements as New Elevetor (base grid, PVC tubes, and top formwork), Elevator Max now also offers 2 new features:

  • 3 additional tube sizes (Ø125, Ø160, or Ø200) of up to 3m height,
  • An even larger, 71 x 71 cm top formwork.

Thanks to the increase in tube sizes, Elevator Max can provide up to 5,000 kg/m2 load capacity, while a larger top formwork allows an even quicker installation. This makes it perfect for both landscaping projects and large-scale residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.


Elevetor Max garage section

  • Lightweight structural fills,
  • Level adjustments (steps, ramps, surface modeling),
  • Ventilated crawl spaces,
  • MEP installations in raised concrete floors.

Key features

Elevetor Max section

  • High load-bearing capacity,
  • Lightweight and suitable for manual handling,
  • Adjustable up to 3 m height,
  • High worksite productivity,
  • Inspectable for maintenance.

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To purchase or learn more about Elevetor Max email Luca Zausa at luca.zausa@geoplastglobal.com