What is Green wall?And how to implement and the benefits of green wall in the urban environment

Faranak Faraji, Mohamad Hasan Jouri

Reclaiming modern architecture results from its less green space evadible for occupants. Lack of green spaces increases heat, smog and pollution in urban areas so applying green wall and roof system moderates the contaminations and leaving the cities as more pleasant places to live. Biodiversity, pockets of epiphytes and saxicolesare are economic useful techniques to enhance impoverished environments, seasonal drought, aesthetics, etc. architectures usually use granite, marble, sculptures, water features, glass balcony balustrades, privacy screens between apartments but all can be replaced by green walls. We hope that green walls an green roofs become a chance to survive endangered plants as a new ecosystem. A green wall can make a brick wall into an attractive, with intimate living and decorated wall.

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