Geoplast Projects

Smithfield Bunnings Warehouse Round Columns, Sydney

Solutions applied
Products used

In 2017, Bunnings Warehouse required the casting of 150 600 mm columns, for their newest location in Smithfield in the outer suburbs of Sidney, Australia. The project required the construction of 150 pylons, which would normally have required the purchase of 150 individual sacrificial forms.

After an initial consultation with Form Doctors, Allcon recommended the supply of the lightweight, plastic Geoplast Geotub Round components for 15 x 600mm round column forms.

With Geoplast plastic formwork, Form Doctors were able to reuse the 15 forms 10 times across the project, saving a significant amount in material purchase costs.

In addition, it was also possible to shave off several hours of formworking time per column due to the extremely fast, no-tool setup. Other traditional methods, including cardboard and metal spiral duct, both normally require significantly more bracing which takes more time to prepare.

The lightweight ABS construction (less than 11 kg per piece) makes the Geotub Round plastic formwork system easy to store compactly on site between stages. This also led to reduced transport cost between the work yard and the project site.

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