Build Fast building method

Building solution which increases the speed of building and lowers the overall building cost by combining multiple Geoplast solutions and products


Formwork for lightweight structural fillings and ventilated foundations and slabs

New Nautilus

Formwork for the construction of lightweight concrete bidirectional slabs


Reusable plastic formwork for the construction of round columns


Modular plastic formwork for the construction of concrete walls, foundations, and columns


Build Fast is an innovative building solution by Geoplast that makes it possible to improve building speed and decrease costs thanks to:


  • Less use of concrete and steel
  • Products’ stackability and consequent easy storage
  • Quick installation due to the independence from heavy machinery


  • Cost savings from 10 to 20%
  • Time savings up to 40%
  • Improved on-site operations

Examples of cost and time savings using Build Fast

  • Modulo, permanent, crawl space formwork, is stackable and light. One pallet of Modulo weighs only 450 kg and 1 truck of Modulo fills the same space as 10 trucks of soil
  • New Nautilus, permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs, uses from 15 to 20% less concrete and from 2 to 5% less steel compared to traditional systems
  • Geotub, reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for circular and oval columns, is light, modular and easy to assemble
  • Geopanel, reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for walls, weighing only 11 kg, allows very fast installation and dismantling
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