Geoplast Products


The perfect solution when we build parkings and turf driveways, are modular plastic tiles, that preserve the soil draining surface and combine the urban development with the respect of the environment. Geoplast design and qualified engeneers team develops every year innovative new products. Our objective is to find  solutions, with the aim of seeking the right balance between technology and environmental protection. 

GEOFLORRUNFLOORSALVAVERDEGEOGRAVELWALL-Y and PLASTONELLA, all modular plastic tiles, are the result of our passion for innovation and nature, because they guarantee the permeability of the soil and they are made of low density polyethylene, obtained from the recycling of bags and soft wrappings.

Green parking, driveways, and walkways, roof and vertical gardens are the best way to preserve environment: the reduction of soil draining surface causing serious consequences to the Hydrological balance. Easy and quick to install, our modular plastic tiles did not create problems to the fruition on of the area and is ideal even when the turf already exists and it is well consolidated.

  • Geoflor
    Cars flooring
    Geoplast Geoflor
    Geoplast Geoflor Pisa
  • Geograss
    High resistance green parking grid
    Geoplast Geoflor
    Geoplast Geograss Turf
  • Georoad
    Consolidation of the road edges
    Geoplast Georoad
    Geoplast Georoad
  • Runfloor
    Strong and reliable solutions
    Geoplast Runfloor
    Geoplast Runfloor helipad
  • Salvaverde
    The right protection for turf driveways
    Geoplast Salvaverde
    Geoplast Salvaverde grass car parking
  • Geogravel
    System for the creation of high resistance gravel parkings
    Geoplast Geogravel
    Geoplast Geogravel gravel car parking
  • Drainroof
    The modern solution against extreme cementification
    Geoplast Drainroof
    Geoplast Drainroof roof garden
  • Completa
    The last generation of sedum roofs
    Geoplast Completa
    Geoplast Completa sedum roof
  • Wall-Y
    High resistance grid panel for green walls
    Geoplast Wall-Y
    Geoplast Wall-Y green walls
  • Plastonella
    The right protection for vehicular and walkable turfs
    Geoplast Plastonella
    Geoplast Plastonella turf
  • Tubs
    Tubs with or without handles
    Geoplast Tubs
    Geoplast Tubs for trees
  • Demetra
    A new way to be a vase
    Geoplast Demetra
    Geoplast Demetra vase
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