Geoplast Products



Geoplast offers a wide range of ABS, ideal for several uses in the building sector. In particular, the plastic formwork offered by Geoplast are suitable to realize concrete columns, pillars, walls, plinths, and foundations directly onsite. Their modularity satisfies every construction and planning needs: columns and pillars of different shapes and dimensions, walls and foundations of different thickness and height.


GEOPANEL, GEOPANEL STAR, GEOTUB e GEOTUB PANEL are very light formworks in comparison with the traditional wood panels. Moreover, the plastic material they are made of allows the concrete not to stick: every element can be easily cleaned just with a little water.

All the Geoplast’s products can be considered an excellent substitute to he old methods of building the structures. In some cases, the solutions offered by Geoplast can be also used like disposable formworks: for example, the plastic panels that represent lightening elements embedded in the concrete, in place of polystyrene or bricks. One of the main characteristics of the Geoplast’s products is to be reusable for more than 100 times when properly maintained.

  • Geopanel Star
    Creation of columns, plinths and concrete walls
    Geopanel Star formwork
  • Geopanel
    Modular formwork in plastic for the production of walls, foundations and columns in concrete
  • Geotub
    The first formwork in plastic for the production of round columns
  • Geotub Panel
    Modular formwork for square and rectangular columns
    Geotub Panel
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