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Water tanks: accumulation/dispersion of water volume webinar

webinar Water tanks: accumulation/dispersion of water volume

Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 4:00 pm CET, 10:00 pm EDT, and 7:00 am PDT, our Business Development Manager for Middle East and East Europe Riccardo Cavallini will hold the webinar “Water tanks: accumulation/dispersion of water volume”.

Riccardo Cavallini is in charge of researching business opportunities and increasing client base in the served communities while managing and retaining relationships with existing clients.

The webinar will be a great opportunity to go more deeply into the issue of sustainable rainwater management, through the analysis of solutions which allow a proper drainage while maintaining the natural water cycle.

Geoplast Water Solutions meet numerous needs:

  • Rainwater drainage, helping to not overload the existing drainage facilities
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Rainwater accumulation and reuse systems.
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