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Join our open discussion event – can sustainability increase profit in construction?

Join our open discussion event – can sustainability increase profit in construction?

If you are a real estate investor, architect, civil engineer, construction manager, or just interested in sustainability in construction, join us for an open discussion on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 15:00 CET. Mirco Pegoraro, our CEO and product designer, and Luca Zausa, CSO Global, will be answering your questions.

Duration: 45 min
Language: English

Open talk format explained

The online event will be held via Zoom as a moderated open talk. Anyone will be able to ask Mirco and Luca questions. Rather than presenting the speakers’ views, we have envisioned it as an opportunity to speak with you and answer your questions on the subject of sustainable construction and profitability. Here are some questions that come to mind:
– What is the status of sustainability in construction?
– How can sustainability increase the profit for investors?
– Are sustainability and profitability in conflict or do they work together?
– What products are available for improving sustainability in construction?
– What improvements can be made in the use of material, machinery, and time?
– What are the benefits of sustainable construction for building owners?
– Is there a way to reduce construction costs and increase sustainability?

About sustainable profitability

The construction industry is at a crossroad – many are willing to build sustainably but have concerns that sustainable construction might reduce their profitability. Our sustainable profitability method solves this problem – increased profitability is a direct result of sustainable building methods and projects. Learn more about Sustainable Profitability.

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