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Hurricane protection and damage prevention

Hurricane protection and damage prevention

In 2018, hurricanes in Atlantic region, caused a damage of $49.975 billion dollars. At its very beginning, the season was predicted above average damaging seasons. And so it was. Architects and engineers are challenged to design projects that would resist natural disasters and damages caused by them. In order to prevent damages, it is advised to build resistant construction, with maximum loads foreseen, and to provide spaces for water harvesting and flood prevention.

Luca is our Chief Sales Officer, and in this webinar he will present problems, challenges, solutions, and products that can help users, investors and engineers to design buildings that achieve higher resilience level to climate change and all its consequences:

1) Modulo is single-use formwork used mainly to build a raised foundations slab, detached from the ground, in order to prevent water from entering the construction,
2) New Elevetor Tank is formwork used to build tanks for water storage,
3) Formwork solutions  is a smart system to build concrete elements with high structural load resistance. Geoplast Formwork has been already been used in areas under high risk of damages caused by natural disasters.


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