GEOPANEL STAR is an adjustable formwork for square and rectangular concrete columns made of ABS technopolymer.

A new idea of formwork: light and modular, easy to handle and mantain, convenient to transport and to store for further use.

It offers many ADVANTAGES:

– LIGHT: weighting just 10 kg, GEOPANEL STAR can be handled quickly on-site without using cranes or mechanical lifting devices;
– FAST: light and easy to assemble, it can be installed and handled by a single person;
– REUSABLE: GEOPANEL STAR is cost effective as it can be used more than 100 times with an appropriate cleaning and use;
– DISMANTLING: concrete doesn’t stick to plastic: dismantling is extremely easy, the form can be cleaned using just a little water, without any need of detergents;
– STORAGE: GEOPANEL STAR can be safely and conveniently stored even in a damp and wet environment.

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