Wall-y to cover the walls of an hotel in Jesolo, Venice

Recently, Hotel Svezia & Scandinavia situated in Jesolo, a renowned seaside resort near Venice, used Wall-y to cover the walls of their building.

Wall-y is Geoplast’s solution to create green walls. It is ideal to improve the energy performance of a building, making it more comfortable. Our grid can also be used as a decoration for the walls, in fact once the vegetation grows, it gives an high aesthetic impact to the entire structure.

The use of plants to cover buildings is an important part of modern architecture. Vegetation protects the building and guarantees many benefits both in acoustics and insulation terms. It helps the improvements of the life quality of people that lives inside the establishment and it is the ideal habitat for the growth of plants.

The main advantages are:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Creation of a microclimate;
  • Increasing of the building’s value;
  • Improvement of the energy performances.

Wall-y is made of High Density Polyethilene and does not suffer from weatherings.

In this case, it was possible to give a touch of elegance to the hotel,  assuring at the same time, all the benefits mentioned above.

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