The foundations of Acorns new luxury homes in Bloemfontein are naturally ventilated with Modulo

Acorns Residential Development is a new townhouse complex located in prestigious Somerton, in northern Bloemfontein, which offers a perfect balance between the natural beauty of the Free State and accessible urban living prospects that Bloemfontein has.

Designed with a contemporary, green and refined vision by Architect Johan Naude, Acorns is a sectional title development consisting of 11 free standing two-story homes, which mix luxury and energy efficiency. Each one is provided with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a double garage and has a north-facing open patio with entertainment area. The homes livability is then improved by a design space between each unit, that can usually be found only in high-density complexes.

Special attention has been given to the quality of lighting, fixtures, and fittings. Every item has been chosen for both its aesthetics and durability and careful thought has been given to creating an overall finish that demonstrates quality, balance, and proportion. In alignment with Johan Naude’s functional creativity, who always conceives budget-friendly, energy efficient and fit for purpose buildings, without compromising on architectural, scientific and aesthetic excellence.

Geoplast Modulo, permanent crawl space formwork, favored modular construction at Acorns. According to green building efficiency, Modulo was chosen as it offers a total protection from humidity and a natural ventilation while guaranteeing fast installation and high structural performance.

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