Reduce, reuse, recycle with Geoplast formwork

Reduce, reuse, recycle with Geoplast formwork

Our recycled plastic formwork solutions are designed with sustainability in mind. For this reason, the reduce-reuse-recycle motto applies to any of them, which cannot be said for cardboard, timber, or metal options.

Geoplast foormwork - reduce


Contrary to timber and metal alternatives, Geoplast formwork, such as Geopanel and Geopanel Star, can be assembled by using only a few simple accessories. This reduces the number of pieces produced and used in construction and cuts back on worksite waste.

Geoplast Geotub - reuse


Our formwork does not get discarded. As opposed to single-use cardboard tubes, or 5 to 10 uses of plywood, our Geotub formwork, among others, is made of durable recycled plastic, which makes it available for rent and reusable more than 100 times.

Geoplast formwork - recycle


We transform waste into building material. Like all our other formworks, Geotub Panel is made of discarded plastic that would otherwise be scattered in nature. It is also 100 % recyclable – after many reuses, it can be remolded to make new products.

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