What if we planted Christmas trees on our roofs?

Christmas traditions vary from country to country, but usually they have in common the installation of a Christmas tree in the living room. On the Christmas night children from around the world go to sleep eagerly waiting for the next morning and for the presents from the Santa. This results in cutting down many millions of Spruce trees.

What if we planted Christmas trees on our roofs instead of chopping them down for our living rooms?

The first year millions of roofs would be covered in Spruce trees. In few years we would run out of roof space. From the birds eye perspective cities would look like forests. Manhattan, Milan, and many other cities would become much greener, or simply green. And they would remain so during the entire year.

Spruces are CO2 treatment plants and nature’s own carbon accumulators so the air would be cleaner and healthier for everybody. More importantly such a change would inspire other changes. If we stop cutting down trees and start planting them for Christmas, maybe we can change something else.

And most importantly, they will make Santa’s reindeers feel at home and in their own habitat, like they never left the North Pole, and Santa will not have to hardly try to enter our chimneys anymore because the tree is on the roof.

If you want to try to plant Christmas trees on your roof, consider our Green Solutions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.