Palazzo Canova a new eco-friendly building made by Geoplast

Have a look at our latest innovative project!
This is the groundwork for the erection of Palazzo Canova a new residential building situated in Noventa Padovana, Italy.

The products of ‪#‎Geoplast‬ that have been used in this worksite were:
‪#‎MODULO‬, the recycled pp system for ventilated foundation plates in r.c.;
‪#‎GEOPANEL‬, the reusable and modular formwork in abs for walls and
‪#‎GEOPANELSTAR‬, the reusable and modular formwork in abs for columns.
Our light and easy to handle systems lend themselves for the construction of any type of building.

Palazzo Canova was designed to respond to contemporary eco-friendly construction methods and that’s the reason why high quality and technological materials were used for its creation. Thanks to the modularity of our systems, the result will be a modern building sorrounded by an area of high aesthetical impact.

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