Our Geoplast 2024 vision

Our Geoplast 2024 vision
Geoplast started in 1998. 2024 will be our 26th year of work. Our 2024 focus remains the same as always: innovation, sustainability, profitability, cooperation. Each new year is an opportunity to update our vision, improve our innovation, expand client relationships, and increase production efficiency.
In the year ahead, we will focus on the following key points for Geoplast vision:
1 Expand our consulting
We will expand our consulting

The project complexity is increasing year by year and we have been investing in our consulting know-how in order to provide our clients with the best service available.

2 Reduce virgin plastics by under 2 %
Reduce virgin plastics by under 2 %

We do not prefer to use virgin plastics. Reducing its use is critical for increasing the sustainability of the construction industry and we are fully dedicated to going to the very limit – 100 % recycled plastics is our ultimate goal.

Our percentage of virgin materials is already very low – currently, we use less than 2 % of virgin plastics, mostly for accessories and some of the paving grids. In 2024, we will be further improving our production lines towards an even greater raw material reduction.

3 Increase product portfolio to 47 products
Increase product portfolio to 47 products

In 2023 we have upgraded our foundation solutions with 2 more products: Elevetor Max and Skynet. This year, we will maintain our innovation pace by launching 3 new products: Geopod will further improve our foundation solutions, Gripper Double Grid will renew our Sport line, while Rootbox will be added to our Green product range. We are also working on several updates to our existing products: Aquabox will receive more stable joints and a new “Aquabox half” module, while the new Geotub 130 should be released by the end of the year.

This will increase our product portfolio to 47 products. Our ability to innovate and launch so many new products is fueled by our continuous research, design, innovation, and – most importantly – cooperation with clients and the industry. At the core of our innovation is listening to our clients, understanding their problems, and offering solutions that solve their problems.

4 Reduce energy consumption in production by another 10%
Reduce energy consumption in production by another 10%

Reducing energy use in our manufacturing lines is a permanent Geoplast goal. Last year, we made a 30 % cut with new, full-electric machines. This year, we plan to make further reductions by another 10 %.

5 Cooperate more with partners and end-users
Cooperate more with partners and end-users

Our goal is not to be the smartest but to be the best in working with the smartest.

To maintain our innovation pace and provide value to our clients, we must be experts in working with the best in the industry. Our co-innovation with other companies – bigger and smaller – has been steadily increasing in the past years. In 2024 we will further cooperate with companies and also invest more in open innovation with workers, operators, and other end-users. And we hope our tendency to cooperation and open innovation will be seen as an alternative to patent disputes which hurt the entire industry and our clients.

6 More digital
More digital

In 2024, we will continue to invest in improving digital customer experience. We will launch our Portal which will, in the start, help you make orders easily, and later provide much more services. If you want to test the Portal now please email Luca Zausa, Geoplast CSO Global, at luca.zausa@geoplastglobal.com or connect on LinkedIn.

We are also working on a more sophisticated online tool for Aquabox and we are always improving all our calculators. We also plan to update and add more BIM files, when needed. Overall we will boost our digital content hopefully inspiring and educating the market not only about our products, but also about sustainable construction.

Our vision is also open to cooperation. If you have any ideas email me at mirco.pegoraro@geoplastglobal.com or connect on LinkedIn.