Our 5 interesting infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects are typically highly demanding because they involve working in inaccessible places, water, or busy traffic. This makes them perfect for showcasing the potential, ease of use, and versatility of Geoplast products. Below are a few of our infrastructure projects we find the most interesting.

Sydney Light Rail, Moore Park, Australia
Sydney Light Rail, Moore Park, Australia

Our client needed to build a series of sewer system manholes for the Sydney Light Rail project. Geopanel was light and reusable, providing an easy setup of the pits in a confined space exposed to live traffic.

2 Craig House, Edinburgh, Scotland
Craig House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Craigh House was a historical site that required a non-invasive solution for constructing a stormwater attenuation tank. New Elevetor Tank allowed a fast and simple manual setup without mechanical equipment.

3 M50 Motorway, Dublin, Ireland
M50 Motorway, Dublin, Ireland

The M50 is the busiest motorway in Ireland, which required efficient solutions for the construction of the new extension. Geotub helped build the columns for the motorway extension quickly and easily, reducing traffic disturbance to a minimum.

4 Groundwater tanks, Yulin County, Taiwan
Groundwater tanks, Yulin County, Taiwan

Yulin County was building several round groundwater treatment tanks for agricultural and residential use. Geopanel was modular, allowing the construction of 8 to 21-diameter concrete tanks with the same panels with reduced time and costs.

5 Marine dock, Pozzuoli, Italy
Marine dock, Pozzuoli, Italy

Column repair in marine conditions is often impossible with wooden and metal formwork. Geotub was made of durable and water-resistant ABS plastic that allowed lateral installation, providing an easy and timely dock reconstruction.