Open call to fight against Coronavirus crisis with Geoplast products and resources

Coronavirus crisis is a global crisis which is growing exponentially and hurting all of us. It will damage not only our health and economy, but also the social wellbeing. It is a crisis never seen before which requires unprecedented teamwork. It is a duty of all of us to try to do the most we can to fight it and reduce the damage.

We are asking you to suggest ideas or projects which can help anyone who is hurt and suffering in this crisis by using our resources: products, manufacturing facility, partner network, know-how, and team.

Open call

We are announcing an OPEN CALL for ideas and projects which use our products and resources in a fight against the Coronavirus crisis.

These are the areas in which we can help:

You can add any other idea or project beyond these areas.

In the case of humanitarian projects, we will reduce pricing so we only cover the basic costs.

How to submit

You can submit a suggestion or initiative in any format. Anything that is practically fighting the crisis is welcome.

Submission is made by emailing me, Mirco Pegoraro, Geoplast CEO, at

If you need any additional information for your idea or project you can also email me and I will try to help.