One of the most famous luxury car brands chose Geopanel for its new showroom in Dubai

Work in progress in Dubai for the construction of the rampant horse’s new showroom, the most famous Italian luxury car brandGeopanel, reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for walls and forefather element of Geoplast ABS formwork family products, has been chosen to erect the boxouts and perimeter walls of the basement.

The great strength of Geopanel system (up to 80 Kn/m²), combined with the extraordinary skills of TSS Trading LLC (Geoplast official partner in Dubai), represented the cornerstones this great success.

Geopanel is very fast to install and allows to easily create structures of any size and shape without the use of cranes or other mechanical lifting devices, reducing labor and operating costs.

Compared to traditional Formwork installation which averages at best 4 to 6 m² per man-day/shift (skilled labors) in UAE, Geoplast Solution achieved 8 m² to 12 m² per man shift (semi-skilled labors).

Geopanel behaved optimally and provided support to 2,700 m³ of concrete pour over a 10 hour period while offering the following several additional benefits:

  • Modularity: elements are multiple of 600 mm, thus allowing great flexibility on site;
  • Easy storage:  Geopanel is safely and conveniently storable on pallets;
  • Reusability up to 100 times;
  • Simple dismantling: the formwork can be easily cleaned with the simple use of high-pressure water.