New Nautilus Evo was chosen for the enlargement of the fashion store Galeries Lafayette in Rennes, France

Author: chisloup

New Nautilus Evo, permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs, was chosen for the extension works of the famous fashion store Galeries Lafayette in Rennes, France.

As the building is situated in the historic center of the city and the ancient existing walls had low resistance, the main requirement of this site was to create a light concrete slab poured on-site because the location made it difficult for trucks to access and bring prefabricated slabs.

New Nautilus Evo met this need and allowed to create a lightweight bidirectional structure which distributes charges on 4 sides instead of 2, and with a reduced thickness compared to other solutions (44 cm instead of 60). A traditional monodirectional slab would have been too heavy.

Geoplast assistance and technical consulting on site guaranteed the solution optimization, reducing costs and the structure’s weight and thickness.

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