Modulo for St. John’s Penthouse: a luxury development in Cape Town, South Africa

Modulo for St. John's Penthouse: a luxury development in Cape Town

St John’s Penthouse is a project developed by Berman Brothers with MLB Architects and Moroff & Khune Engineers. The interiors have been designed by Inhouse Architects and GridCo was the main contractor.

This new luxury development is located on St John’s Road in Sea Point, in the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town; it consists of a series of two- and three-bedroom apartments and a Penthouse, which is the 17th Apartment that will have a unique design. For the Penthouse construction, engineers at Moroff & Khune chose Modulo H3, H6, H9, H13, H30 and H35 in order to meet the client’s request for a light and elevated surface, in respect of the existing flooring that reflected depth differences.

Modulo used in luxury development in South Africa

After the concrete pouring, it was possible to continue to ensure the water flowing during rainfalls. In fact, cuts have been made in proximity of the edges to adress the outflow of water under Modulo.

Our solution replaced conventional backfilling material without adding any weight to the existing structure; in fact, the lightness of the element was a critical element. In particular, the smaller solution Minimodulo was very useful in this project. In fact, the height range of the product permitted to intervene also with reduced thickness, thus avoiding loss of useful height. Moreover, it simplified logistics, transport and it was space-saving even on site.

Modulo used for passage of hydraulic pipes and electrical installations

Modulo separates the floor from the ground and becomes advantageous also for the passage of hydraulic pipes and electrical installations underneath it. Moreover, it is a solution that guarantees a static and dynamic high load bearing capacity, creating a technical void space, which is ideal for the ventilation of the foundation.

Our product was a perfect choice, very suitable for the contemporary and modern footprint of the apartments.

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